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A website full of information any consumer or plan administrator can use. When they are referring to these questionable practices, they are speaking of Traditional PBMs. The transparent model eliminates these types of practices.

Spread pricing is the difference between what the pharmcy is paid and what the plan is billed. The spread can vary from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars. This spread adds up. Over the course of a year, it could cause a patient whose drug treatment costs $300 to pay over $2000. Spreads, no matter how big, matter. Traditional PBMs have been able to keep this hidden due to the lack of transparency in the industry. With a transparent PBM, nothing is hidden and you can see that the pharmacy is paid what the plan is billed. (And an administration fee, the only fee transparent PBMs charge.)

Examples of Spread Pricing

Transparent PBMs are exactly that, transparent. You can see where all the money goes, nothing is hidden.

PBM Ads – Misleading
“It’s a classic example of a middleman driving up costs and taking home the profit.”
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Do you get your drugs by mail order? If so, this is a must read!
Mailbox Heat Affecting Mail Order Drugs”
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ESI – Medco Merger
“Horrigan: A prescription for a tantrum”

PUTT makes the LA Time on Lipitor and Part D
“Lipitor patent ends; generic available: What now?”,0,1745281.story

NY Times uses PUTT to Blow the Lid off the Lipitor Rebates!
“Plan Would Delay Sales of Lipitor Generic”

Wisconsin Pharmacists Launch New Pharmacy Benefits Management Company
Joins nationwide effort to bring transparency to prescription drug benefits