Lakeview PBM Solutions is a prescription benefits manager focused on transparency. It was founded by Pete Ciaramita, an independent pharmacy owner and pharmacist, to offer transparent and cost effective solutions to employers who want to provide prescription benefits to employees and consumers who want to save on prescription costs.  

A PBM is the “middleman” between pharmacies and insurance companies. PBMs negotiate drug prices with manufacturers and process prescriptions that pharmacies dispense to health plan enrollees and consumers.

Lakeview PBM Solutions specializes in working with employers and organizations to build affordable Prescription Insurance Plans that help employers and employees control costs.  Large PBMs are one of the fastest growing income entities in the healthcare industry.  Often that growth comes at the expense of their clients via unjustifiably high drug prices.

We started this business with a different mindset than our corporate competitors.  Lakeview PBM Solutions is focused on its clients and does not have answer to public shareholders.  Profit is not our number one concern, customer service is. Our primary mission is to provide a streamlined and transparent process that enables employers to offer affordable prescription drug benefits. Transparency means that we will provide you with the information you need relating to the true cost of prescription medicines so that you can make an informed choice as to the drug benefits that your employees will receive.

Lakeview PBM Solutions is based in Racine, Wisconsin and can assist clients in all states except Kansas, Washington, Vermont and Utah.

We stand ready to tailor prescription drug benefit programs that meet the needs of employers. We will work with you to understand your needs and provide you with the means to cost effectively and optimally manage the prescription drug benefits that are provided to your employees.