See the difference a DataRx custom-designed plan can make.

Our “best-in-class” PBM capabilities include:

Flexible Benefit Plan design and administrative services

Our design specialists work with you to structure custom-built drug plans based solely upon your program goals. With the RxSense Administrator program on your desktop, you have instant access to “real-time” information regarding every aspect of your drug plan. These best-in-class tools, coupled with our clinical support, provide the business intelligence necessary to effectively manage your healthcare dollar.

Pharmacy claims services

RxSenseThe RxSense Administrator Program is the most feature rich and functionally flexible claims adjudication engine available today. It offers the very best high-speed electronic claims processing, supported by the drug utilization safety features you need to protect your employees. It puts you in control of all aspects of your pharmacy benefits plan, providing you instant access to “up-to-the-minute” information.

Formulary management

Our Plan Design Specialists work directly with you to create a formulary that helps you achieve your fiscal goals while providing maximum benefit to your employees. Automatic drug and price information updates, and the RxSense Administrator Program, allow you complete control to effect changes wherever and whenever necessary.

Rebate services

Once we have selected the formulary items that make the most sense for your employees, we negotiate the best possible rebates to maximize your drug benefit dollars. Our portfolio of rebates includes the nation’s best on specialty products. Our rebate contract management process is completely transparent and we facilitate fast, efficient payments, passing on 100% of rebate savings to you.

Pharmacy network management

With an extensive list of more than 60,000 pharmacy partners, we create the network that best fulfills your employees’ needs. We also provide you with full access to our contracts so you know exactly what you are paying for.

Member and provider services

Our multilingual customer call center is available 24/7. We provide your employees with instant access to plan information and out-of-pocket expenses incurred, offer tools to help them more easily discern the lowest cost alternatives, and provide useful, easy to understand clinical information about the proper use of medications.

Cost containment programs

We offer programs and guidance to maximize savings and encourage generic and OTC utilization, step therapy, therapeutic interchange, mail-order prescriptions, and specialty pharmacy services when we’ve determined they’re in your best interest.

Reporting services

The RxSense Administrator Program gives you instant access to “real-time” data in formats that are meaningful and useful – right on your desktop.