Why Choose Us?

Top ten reasons Lakeview PBM Solutions should manage your company’s prescription program

  1. SAVINGS. You can have a good prescription program and save money. Let us show you how.
  2. NO FINE PRINT. Our contract is short and easytounderstand. Other PBM contracts can be hundreds of pages long. With us, you get the details without the fine print.
  3. NO SPREAD PRICING. We pay the Pharmacy, what we bill the Plan. Most PBMs create a spread price and bill the Plan more than they pay the pharmacy. And – you will never know it.
  4. NO HASSLE – GOOD VALUE. We know that HR professionals want fewer phone calls, less complaints, and more service from their PBM. CEO’s and CFO’s want savings. Employees want value. We will bring you a program that can meet all these needs.
  5. INDIVIDUALIZED PLAN. PBM programs can be complex and confusing. We work with you to build a prescription plan that meets your needs. No shortcuts.
  6. REBATES. Lakeview PBM Solutions will send 100% of all rebate revenue we receive from pharmaceutical manufacturers to our Plans. We do not keep rebate revenue.
  7. MAIL ORDER. With us, mail order is an option, but not a requirement. Recent studies show that members utilize 90 day fills at retail four times more than mail order and the cost is virtually the same. If you do decide to use mail order, our facility has a fast turnaround time.
  8. TRANSPARENCY. Billing is completely transparent. There are no missing columns. You can track every prescription claim from fill to invoice – nothing is hidden.
  9. KEEP BUSINESS LOCAL. Some of our competitors are located in New Jersey, Rhode Island, and Missouri. We are located right here in Wisconsin.
  10. WE CARE. Lakeview PBM Solutions cares about your business and your employees. We value our partnership and will work hard to exceed your expectations.