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Compare our card with the one you are using. We will send you money back on qualifying prescriptions PLUS you will receive the lowest prices in the store regardless of any other current promotions or discounts.

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What makes our pharmacy card different than all others?

1. If you already have a pharmacy benefit, your card typically does not cover many drugs. Drugs typically excluded are anorexiants, appetite suppressants, antacids, anti-obesity, contraceptive devices and implants, cosmetic drugs for hair growth or wrinkles, diagnostic supplies and devices, hypnotics and sedatives, immunizations and vaccines, drugs for impotence, fertility, injectable supplies, medical supplies, nutritional supplies, smoking cessation prescriptions, prenatal vitamins, and many more. OUR CARD PROVIDES DISCOUNTS FOR ALL OF THESE!

2. REBATES- In addition to one of the best savings program, with between 11%-75% savings (actual average of 53.2% for all prescriptions filled), our card provides ADDITIONAL MONEY-BACK on over 1,000 prescription drugs. If you purchase a drug earning a rebate we will mail you a pre-loaded MasterCard. When you receive your card it will come with the details on how to activate your free card. Spend the money loaded on your MasterCard anywhere MasterCard is accepted. All future rebates will be electronically added to your MasterCard and you will be notified by email of the new money. NO OTHER CARD IN AMERICA OFFERS BETTER OVERALL SAVINGS.

3. Many pharmacy card programs sell your personal information to drug and insurance companies. We consider that an invasion of your privacy. WE DO NOT SELL YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION TO ANYONE. WE RESPECT YOUR PRIVACY.

4. We offer a price guarantee. If for any reason the pharmacies in your neighborhood will not honor the price we quote, we can have it mailed to you at that price for no additional cost. Our mail order pharmacy partner can be reached at or 800-854-8764.

5. We offer a smoking cessation program with discounts, additional cash rebates and The Get Quit™ Plan support program

6. We offer a user friendly easy-to-access Health & Wellness Focus portal that has information to help you with your health, medications, wellness, weight loss, fitness, and provides money savings tips to better manage your health care. It’s a complete wellness program for your personal use.

7. We have an outstanding discount program giving you direct access to Diagnostic Lab, X-ray and Imaging at 10-60% off.

Use our pharmacy locator online, look up your drug costs and discounts, and choose the pharmacy with the best rates.

Benefit Details:

1. Find the pharmacy near you or look up the current discounts available to you.

Pharmacy Search Tool

Or, Call For Assistance: (877) 823-1273

2. Take your Pharmacy Card/Benefit Card to the pharmacy with your prescription(s). If you already have a card, ask them to see which gives you the best rates.

* Pharmacy Discounts are not insurance and are not intended as a substitute for insurance.